Caries Clock

You need never get cavities again.

As a public service, please allow us to present our Caries Clock. The word “caries” means cavities; it’s the technical term and a bit obscure but it just sounded so much better than Cavity Clock.

The basic principle here is that it’s all about frequency. If we indulge in refined carbohydrates too often throughout the day there are acid byproducts that attack our teeth and cause decay. In many cultures including the modern American one, refined carbs in liquid form are a serious concern. Soda, yes, but also Gatorade and its kin. Even coffee or tea with sugar. Be careful.

Adding in a high-fluoride prescription toothpaste to the preventive mix and, in cases of high cavity rates, an antibacterial rinse called chlorhexidine are powerful tools as well. Finally, how well we clean between our teeth is a critical factor. These Soft Picks are easy to use and studies have shown extremely high effectiveness.

With an awareness of the total length of time that we subject our mouths to acidity in an average day, we can effectively prevent cavities- whether we never had them before or even if we’ve had many restorations in the past. Protecting our investment, yes?

Again, watch out for those liquids…

Voiceover by our good friend Katie Gray: