Environmental Changes That We Have Adopted at Sukoneck & Wilson PC

Digital Imaging (2004)

  • no chemicals
  • less power use
  • better images!
  • 3 US companies were engaged in this project, 2 from Pennsylvania

Digital Charts (2012)

…all charting is done with secure, HIPAA compliant, digitally backed-up Dentrix software; no more piles of paper chart folders.

Paper patient takeaway bags

…instead of plastic

Less use of paper wherever possible

…using scrap paper rather than Post-Its


  • glass
  • cans
  • plastics

Switched to biodegradable equipment cleaners

Replacement of flourescent lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting

They are beautiful! AND dimmable. Never again will we have to blast a patient with needless levels of harsh fluorescent light at 7:00 AM.


Use rechargeable batteries

…and recycle them at the end of their useful life

Switched to a water filtration system

…rather than use a plastic bottle based water cooler

And then there’s the CMax …

For a year now, Dr. Wilson and his wife both drive Ford CMax Energi cars–

These are plug-in hybrids. Yes, they have a gasoline engine for long highway trips. Yet most commuting and local trips are totally EV in these cars–battery-powered, smooth, silent electric driving.


More and more of our patients are driving Chevy Volts and Nissan Leafs and other hybrids and EVs. More here: