“Consult the owner’s manual?”


“You mean, admit defeat?”


Amusing, and there’s some truth to the idea that people don’t like to read instructional manuals. But folks, there’s information that’s too beneficial for your health to dismiss without attention. Knowledge is Power. So please join me, Dr. Rick Wilson, in exploring–in detail–how to properly take care of your mouth. Specifically, we will cover:

  • How to prevent tooth decay and its consequences;
  • How to prevent gum disease and how to treat it when it does occur;
  • And how to raise children who not only have well-aligned, beautiful smiles but who benefit from–through cutting-edge orthodontic principles–better-adapted jawbones and healthful, more-open airways than most of their untreated peers.

Let’s go together through these guides to explore how healthier teeth leads to better living.

Here’s Part I: